Author: Amber Daines

Create A Life Outside Work To Be More Successful

As a careerist or entrepreneur your business life can be all-consuming and the to-do list probably gets longer by the hour, especially as you grow and evolve into more senior roles or faster growing businesses. However, it is also true that being a full-time workaholic is not going to be the best way to keep your business healthy, let alone you. Executive burn out costs businesses big time. According to a 2015 report by Comcare, during 2013-14 mental stress claims accounted for 16 per cent of all workers compensation claims and 37 per cent of total claim costs, with...

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Nailing TedX Worthy Presentations

Public speaking is like wearing killer heels Delivering a killer presentation is a lot wearing a killer pair of high heels. It takes time to master and getting in enough practice (when nobody is watching) makes you enjoy strutting your goods, for all the right reasons. As a seasoned speaker and former TV reporter, I have some insight into what makes a speaker shine. There is a simple rule and if you remember nothing else from my blog, let this stick: speaking and presenting is not about you. Most people when facing a presentation, whether it be a new...

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