Author: Fiona Craig

People Power

FIONA’S THOUGHTS: PEOPLE POWER MindValley is one of the world’s largest online publishers in the personal growth industry. They have a small team, mainly based in Indonesia. They are renowned for the company culture and when they recruit for a new role, they have hundreds of people from around the world who come and line up outside the office to make an application. Most Apple employees (at a corporate level) will have gone through 10+ interviews and are essentially indoctrinated in the company culture before they even get the job! If they do get the job, the brand and...

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Quality Time Creates Quality Relationships

FIONA’S THOUGHTS: QUALITY TIME CREATES QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS I’m the youngest of 5 children. I’m the only daughter and I’ve got 4 big brothers, 4 sisters-in-law, 8 nieces and nephews, a great-nephew and a great-niece. All of my family live in Scotland, and I’ve now been away from the town I grew up in for 27 years (18 of them in Australia). I’ve been lucky that my work for many years allowed me to travel back to London, which in turn means I got to go to Scotland regularly. In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of trips I...

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Getting Real About Resilience

FIONA’S THOUGHTS: GETTING REAL ABOUT RESILIENCE The world is a tough place. Bad things happen. Look at what’s being going on across the world recently – terrorist attacks, fires – the loss of life and ongoing ripple effect of these recent incidents is truly devastating. I’m sure you’ve watched the tv footage of families who have lost people and thought “I’m not sure I could go on, if that were me”. I know I have. Resilience is a topic that has fascinated me for a long time. What makes us resilient? Are we born with an in-built level of...

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The Importance Of Being Heard

In 2014 ANZ introduced a program to help their senior women become more visible. Their study of women in Australia and New Zealand showed that visibility may be a missing link in promoting more women into senior leadership roles. The survey ANZ undertook found that increased visibility contributed to greater confidence in pushing for leadership roles. An important part of visibility is the ability to contribute ideas, opinions and generally be heard within your role and the business. I work with women on a daily basis. I see the traits and the behaviours that some women exhibit that clearly...

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The Real Competition is YOU

Soccer season has started again and I’m spending (mostly) sunny Autumn Saturdays trekking the Northern Beaches suburbs of Sydney watching my boy play in the Manly Vale Lions – his Under 8’s team. This is his 3rd year of playing and he loves it. He clearly thrives on being part of the team, horse-playing around with the other boys, and gets excited about his matches. I wish I could say the same. You see, something happens to my easy-going, happy, go with the flow 7-year-old boy when he plays soccer each week. He wants to win. And when his...

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