Business Development Coaching for Professionals, Moving You from Insignificant to Influencer


Business Development Coaching for Professionals

It’s one thing to be brilliant technically in your profession, it’s another thing altogether to be a brilliant business developer.

To succeed at a senior level in professional services and other industries where you’re required to bring in business, it’s necessary to be both.

The SMARTWOMEN DO BUSINESS coaching program will elevate your profile and confidence, internally and externally, moving you from INSIGNIFICANT to INFLUENCER.

The SMARTWOMEN DO BUSINESS coaching program is specifically designed to help women in client facing roles develop and grow their client and business development skills and commercial confidence.

We help you build your level of INFLUENCE, internally and externally.

SMARTWOMEN DO BUSINESS does this through a unique program which combines professional development, personal development and business development.

With a focus on education and execution, we give you the confidence, tools and platforms you need to build your internal and external peer networks, influence and relationships.

The SMARTWOMEN DO BUSINESS coaching program also gives you the skills and support you need to step up into a leadership position, and to manage and grow a team.

Moving You from Insignificant to Influencer

“In an increasingly competitive environment it’s vital that every professional contributes to the success of the business.”
Fiona Craig


The SMARTWOMEN DO BUSINESS coaching program has a healthy learn/do ratio, with a strong focus on executing and creating tangible plans and outcomes tailored to your individual needs.

Focusing on Positioning, People and Performance, outcomes include:

  • Increased personal and commercial confidence
  • Improved professional profile and personal brand
  • Better client and internal relationships
  • Improved business development capability
  • Stronger networks
  • Enhanced career direction and planning

specific outcomes



Understand and define your strengths and skills so you can articulate your unique value proposition


Define your personal brand


Understand how to build and leverage your brand to help create opportunities


Be confident talking about who you are and how you add value, as well as what makes you stand out


Create a compelling LinkedIn profile to build your profile in your industry


Build your profile internally to help with internal referrals and career opportunities


Work on your executive presence (verbal, visual and written)


Refine any marketing material/collateral to reflect your personal brand and unique value proposition



Increase the quality and quantity of connections in your network (online and offline)


Analyse your existing connections and create a plan to leverage them


Create a networking plan


Build your professional support network including your career crew and your referral partners/contacts


Get tools and strategies for in person networking


Perfect your pitch so you know exactly how to introduce who you are and what you do


Lead your team so you have the support you need to leverage more opportunities



Create a sustainable plan to build your influence in your industry


Master LinkedIn as a tool to build your brand and influence


Get clear on which platforms you will use to build influence


Be more confident in your communication skills


Hone your presentation skills


Improve and increase emotional intelligence for better results


Accountability and measurement of results



A practical and implementable Business Development Plan


A Networking Plan


Revamped LinkedIn profile


Increased LinkedIn connections


A LinkedIn connection and conversion strategy


Revamped or new Professional Bio


Revamped Collateral


Content Creation Plan


3 pieces of written content produced OR 1 Keynote Speech outline produced (12 month program – scaled back for the 6 month program)


Fiona Craig has the experience to give you the coaching support you need to excel!

Fiona Craig is the force behind SmartWomen Connect. A full of life Scottish-Aussie and former top tier Corporate lawyer, Fiona thrives on connecting people in business and inspiring them to build smarter careers by teaching them business and career development strategies.

Featured in the SMH, Women’s Fitness, Smart Company, Marie Claire, Women’s Agenda and The Huffington Post, Fiona is a professional speaker, trainer and coach with expertise in helping professionals build strong business development, communication, influencing and networking skills to enhance their career success.

Fiona has been coaching professionals for 8 years and prior to that spent 10 years providing career advice in her role as a recruitment specialist.

She works with mid-senior people, both male and female, helping them move from technical expert to business developer and leader

Fiona is the Founder of SmartWomen Connect, which is fast becoming the go-to networking and professional development group for career women in Sydney.

what people say

If you want a high impact and engaging speaker to transform your idea about networking and business development, you need to attend one of Fiona’s SmartWomenConnect sessions. Fiona has challenged my thinking around BD to encourage me to change up some old habits but most importantly, helped build confidence in my female team members to create the next generation of leaders

Julia van Graas, Former Partner, EY

Fiona lights up the room the minute she walked in with her genuine passion for coaching and mentoring women lawyers! Each of us came away from her sessions more energised and inspired than ever before. Her sessions are fun, well-structured and purposeful and also run in a flexible manner. She really took a deep interest in each of us as individuals so that whilst each session still continued to build on the strategies we learnt in the previous sessions, she was not fixated on sticking to a particular script – which meant she provided us with tailored tools, tactics and strategies that you can actually use to build, grow and leverage your networks and influence in your particular field.

I recommend Fiona to any organisation who wants to nurture and inspire its talent to reach for the stars! Thanks Fiona!”

Jane Wild, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

Fiona is an engaging and interesting presenter who delivers practical advice for building and extending your profile and network. Fiona worked with us to develop a program that was delivered in a flexible way to accommodate our time restraints and ensure our program participants received maximum value from the program.

Kathryn Pacey, Partner, Clayton Utz

frequently asked questions

What makes the SmartWomen Program different?

We focus on helping you be YOU – we will help you create, define and build a personal brand that reflects who you really are and that feels authentic and real. We will help you draw out the qualities that make you stand out, and give you frameworks and structures to build long term networks and referral partners. We don’t just acre about you building a business, we care that you do it in a way that is sustainable long term.

How long is the SmartWomen Do Business program?

You won’t suddenly build a practice, business or network overnight. We recommend working together for 12 months to see optimal results. There are options for 6 months and a 3 Hour Workshop options available – these are appropriate if you are part of the way to doing what you need to do to be successful in this area. We can discuss this in your application call.

Are there any other costs involved in the program?

Everything is included – in some circumstances we may suggest tools that will help your business that might have a cost attached – whether you choose to incorporate those or not will be entirely up to you and your success won’t be dependent on them.

The SmartWomen Program sounds great, but how do I know it’ll be right for me?

We’ve coached hundreds of women in the areas included in the program and we know that if you put the work, it will work for you too.

I’m quite senior in my role - will it work for me?

If you’re coachable and willing to learn and implement, we can help you improve your profile and network no matter what level you are.

I’m junior but ambitious - will it work for me?

If you’re prepared to invest in yourself at a junior stage in your career (or your employer invests for you) then there’s no reason why being junior should stop you getting results.

We do suggest having a conversation about your goals though, to make sure we can definitely help you achieve what you want.

Will I be coached individually or in a group?

You will be coached individually and may be invited to be part of group discussions if you wish/appropriate.

Can I get my employer to pay for the program?

Absolutely! Contact us for payment plans and details for organisations (there are different terms).

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, see the inclusions page.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We have put a lot of time and work into creating the content for this program and it will be tailored to your individual needs – we know you will be successful if you follow the program and do the work and therefore there is no money back guarantee.

How much time do I need to commit to the program to be successful?

The more time you put in to implementing what you learn the better your results. We recommend setting aside a few hours a week. We do realise however that you are doing this on top of your day job (usually). That’s why we tailor the program to suit you and make sure you’re not overloaded!

I’m based interstate or overseas - can I still do the program?

Yes, we have many clients interstate and you will be coached via Skype, video call or telephone.

What happens after the program ends?

We want to make sure your success continues and if you want or need it we will discuss the option of accountability coaching to keep you on track and winning!

I’d love to go ahead and sign up - what do I do now?

Fabulous! You’re about to start something that we know will change your career and potentially change your life.

We can’t wait to work with you.

Just fill out the application form below and someone from our team will be in touch within 48 hours to organise a time to chat about which option you’d like to invest in and we’ll get you started!

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