“Alis vilat propriis”

When I was graduating from University we had to choose a motto, in Latin (because we were law students, after all!).

“Alis vilat propriis” translates to “She Flies With Her Own Wings” – that’s what I chose.

22 years on that phrase is as true for me today as it was then. I have always prided myself on making my own way – and my own decisions – in life. This of course has resulted in many mistakes, heartbreaks, money lost, wrong turns…but ultimately I take responsibility for who and where I am now.

Social Media has a knack for reminding us of how time flies. Today Facebook reminded me it’s 7 years since I started my Diploma in Coaching, and then over here on Linkedin all my connections are congratulating me on 6 years of running Fiona Craig Consulting (thank you all, by the way!).

6 years in business might not seem like a long time, but given the majority of small businesses fail within 2-5 years, I’m mighty proud of what I have achieved, and excited about what lies ahead.

SmartWomen Connect is alive and growing, and my Consulting business goes from strength to strength each year, as my brand recognition grows.

What I am most proud of though is the people I have met since starting this path. From clients, to colleagues, peers and new friends, I have met the most diverse group of people imaginable. They have championed me, challenged me and inspired me to be better and do more, as well as being the shoulder I need when life doesn’t go according to plan. I would not be writing this today if it weren’t for the connections I have made in my life and career.

What would you choose to be your motto?